amiga mía

te veo tanto

pero no

te busco tanto

pero no

te quiero tanto

pero no

te extraño tanto

pero no

te necesito tanto

pero no

te puedo tener

pero no

lo siento tanto



a poet’s duty

is to speak

and be heard;

at first,

i was trying to sound

like me,

i was trying to pick

the words that i felt

were truest to

the person i was,

and in doing so,

i defeated my purpose,

because my writing

is just as much about


as it is

me –

i understand now

the poet’s sacrifice

is to free

the word from the world,

to release the soul of humanity

and the expression of joy,

i understand now

the poet’s duty

is to sing

the mind of the people,

to capture the spirit of reality

and the movement of history,

i understand

why, Neruda, porque

cuando la palabra

no tiene dueño,

nace la verdad



oh, love

how it pains me so

to know i will pain you


i ask myself why,

why did i love you

if i am going to hurt you so,


much have i thought,

and now i think,

i know

i could not have

given you one without

the other