We are a mindful community harnessing the power of connection in building and deepening our meditation practices. We gather regularly on Zoom (see Calendar page) for short, guided meditations followed by discussion. The intention of connecting 'minds full' of support, compassion, energy and love is contagious and we invite you to stop in and give it a try. From here (and now), we spread our wings and fly!

It’s a remarkable thing to have this technology and to be able to sit together in presence. Connecting through gratitude and intention is a powerful experience. YOU are an integral part of this circle! Let’s embrace each other as well as the larger circles that ripple out.

The catalyst for this Sangha (community) was simply a desire to connect during a time of global disconnect. This 'nest' is a work in progress, every fiber contributed by our collective experience, good or bad.

We are slowly filling a calendar of curated meditations where we can get together (and that's a great thing to 'get'), share our ups and downs, encourage, inspire, support, and foster an environment of happiness and peace along this path of enlightenment. Every time we sit, we move further along that path, and every time we sit together, we lift each other up and inspire consistency.

Each session (event) will have details of the format and the topic of the meditation. All of the content is confidential and we ask that you honor this guideline whether in our gathered spaces or here in the community. Our online gatherings would sometimes make great teaching tools, however, we do not record out of the same respect for safety and privacy.

As you navigate your own mindfulness journey, we encourage you to share your personal experience here along with any relevant links, posts, quotes, and images that foster a healthy practice. Please read and honor our community rules.

You may post suggestions, ideas or feedback directly on the facebook group page or privately through Mindfulnest.org here. Each session or gathering has its own page in the facebook community where the discussion can be continued beyond the actual meetings. It's also a great place to follow up with links and resources that come up during the discussion.

Thank you for being here and thank you for your contributions and gifts of self-care that inspire, encourage and nurture a world of peace, love and joy.

Warm and heartfelt thanks are also extended to the lovely group of mindful souls that have collaborated in the creation of this space. You'll recognize them as admins and moderators of this community. On behalf of myself (John Be) and all of 'us' that come forth, thank you Diana, Honi, Jaden, Melissa and Stephen. ❤

We would also like to extend our deep, heartfelt appreciation to Jeff Warren, Erin Oke and the rest of the team at The Consciousness Explorers Club for their assistance, guidance and support. Their Community Practice Activation Kit is a thoughtful, generous resource that gave us confidence and confirmed our gut instincts that continue to tell us that this path is worthwhile.