the institution of medicine

must be the political arm of wellbeing,

and today,

it clearly is

no such thing –

i am dreaming here,

but hear me out,

if you would,

imagine a time when money

is taken out of politics,

and the institution of medicine

realizes that it, too, must

do away with the notions of




for such considerations bear the risk

of obfuscating judgment

in such a way so

as to undermine its political responsibility

to patients, friends and communities

to serve their personal welfare

and the spiritual harmony of society;

these same considerations

may contradict

the very project of medicine,

for the healers have built themselves


to which they

summon the people

to receive their

lives as alms,


from which they

watch the people

give fifteen more years of life

to a white, ‘educated man’

than to a black ‘uneducated’ man,


atop which they

abandon the people

for prestige,


and glory,

an unethical greed, cowardice, and pride


the wellbeing of the healers from

the wellbeing of their patients,

leaving the patient-healer relationship without



compassionate healers

must be part of

the communities, part of

the families, deeply involved in

the struggle for justice,

an endeavor that, yes, is

impossibly monumental and overwhelming

and suffocating,

but if it were anything less,

would it be worthy of purpose?


when the person

from whom you

seek help, advice, consolation, acceptance and comfort

is someone who suffers with you,

healing happens together,

healing is a true, just, peaceful


it is the moral responsibility of Medicine

to unite warring factions

to cultivate and model this relationship –

a life that is healthy

insofar as it is free.


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