a leaf in the snow

barren boughs sing,

and clouds echo in the skies,

teasing distant fires,

a celestial holi

and night’s eye


illuminate the stage,

the forest

wears a humble blanket,

a soft stillness,

a prayer in form,

a cold abode

with a warm heart,

a rest from the game,

a place above name,

a wooded island

on a snowy Serengeti

gives audience to an eternal performance

sculpted by the first dancer,

the wind herself –

a servant of grace,

a scholar of movement,

a friend of the air,

the leaf comes to life

on rolling hills of shifting snow,

between the legs of sleeping trees,

in the presence of breath,

in a moment

liberated from time,

in a moment,

the world is gifted

hope’s sweetest dream,

for in the desolation,

proof of beauty is found,

and oceanic roses celebrate

the origin of dance,

her student,

and the maddening elegance

of change

in the hands of life;

the play of a frozen leaf,

her touch,

her laugh,

her peace,

the joy

in history,

unites chaos to create,

the ballet of a dying artist

discovers an undying paradise,

the theatrical spectacle

of a fierce passion,

a contradictory totality,

the magnificent defiance of

a love that is true,

a love that is me,

a love that is you.


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