the feeling in the chest

the tingling of the fingers

the dancing of the music, the ubiquity of the sound, the breathing that rises and falls

as thoughts that form words, form vapors

circling, teasing, taunting, laughing

expression as an art form, monetized and stylized

when did we define art

what a preposterous idea

what a crime,

a shame

the form as a beautiful thing, why,

that is an architectural achievement that can only be reached,

a mountain that can only be moved,

a song that can only be sung,

with freedom

there is fear, i suspect

i suspect that is what it is, in the shadows, smiling, conniving

there is fear, and i feel it

of course, that’s the whole problem

that feeling,

it was named, and this name we have given an existence outside

the letters

to share with the world,

to look in the eyes of the people that surround me,

to acknowledge the humanity before me,

the fear must be overcome

paralysis its touch, addicting its scent,

terrorizing its stay,


it is no wonder that people pray

if you’re going to be afraid,

if you’re going to live in fear,

you might as well cower before your maker

you might as well bow before perfection,

as you wither away in the shackles of time

and judgment

now i must close,

for i fear,

i fear that i shall lay to ruin what i thus far set,

and so i must stop

stop, when you must

but never stop,


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