Conversation [2]

“Love comes and goes. Be sure to accept it when it comes, and to go with it when it goes.” – A friend

Intuitively, the above appeals to me. Such an approach to ‘love’ accounts for both the types of relationships we often experience in youth (less stable, less enduring) and those we often hope to experience later in life (more stable, more enduring). But, I think there’s a critical shortcoming – it oversimplifies the heart’s will. To approach ‘love’ in such a manner doesn’t say anything about transitions. It doesn’t say anything about the love that stays. Sometimes you don’t where where your love is going, if it’s going at all. What do you do, then? You stay, with it. Or do you take the lead? Do you go first, trusting that your love will follow? I don’t know. Those probably aren’t even the only options. Love just doesn’t strike me as a follower.

– JiNiT

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