Self- – –

There are moments when you question everything that you believe. You have certain thoughts. Usually negative ones. You have certain feelings. Usually unpleasant ones. And they mingle and dance and stomp on your prior conceptions. A rebellion grows, and you do not know what to do to stop it. Because you can’t see it. You don’t know where the uprising is. You don’t hear the rumble of footsteps as it edges closer. The question to ask in the midst of the chaos, if you can manage to ask any reasonable questions at all, is, ‘Where is this coming from?’ You may not be able to answer that question immediately. Wait. The answer is important. If the answer to that question is something outside of yourself, something over which you have no control, you can breathe easy. And smile. Because the rebellion is imaginary. The fight is a facade. You played a silly trick on yourself. You based your value on something whose value is entirely arbitrary, and wholly unrelated to the person that you are. Nothing determines your value. No thing. You do. And only you.

– JiNiT

One thought on “Self- – –

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful piece, Jinit. And I’m glad to see you’re writing so much more as of late. Lots to ponder as you transition into this next phase of life… But, as always, these transitions give you so much on which to reflect. Enjoy that reflection, Jinit. : )


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